Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Henery's First Bully

Henery time for school, coming mom just need to get my back pack. Alright Henery you got 20 seconds to get your back pack or I'm leaving, ok mom I found it just give me a sec to run down stairs, boom boom boom. Mom I Fell Down The Stairs,Oh well Hurry Up, ok mom I am here. Umm mom there is this kid who is older than me and is mean to me. Who is it. I don't know because he keeps on pushing me around.Henery I think you might be getting bullied, you need to go talk to the principal about this.Ok mom thanks for the advice. Your welcome have a good day Henery.Bye mom, Bye Henery Ring!!!!! Ring!!!!. And there goes the bell. Hey Henery!!! where do you think your going!, uhh class why do you ask, cuz your a nerd hahahaha. Stop that who ever you are what is your name? you don't know my name you are so retarded Henery its Matt Stratterfield. Well you don't have to be so mean Matt mean people are not cool. I'm way cooler than you Henery, uhh no you are not and now I'm gonna tell principal Brown On You. Henery If You ever tell on me i will beat the crap out of you so keep quiet got it! NOOOO PRINCIPAL BROWN HELP!!! Matt Stratterfield is making me very uncomfortable he even threatend to beat me up. Matt come here, yes Principal Brown, did you make Henery uncomfortable and threaten him?, yes Principal Brown I did. You know threatening people could put you in jail, yes principal Brown. Now Tell Henery your sorry and go to the ISS room for 2 weeks in ISS I'm sorry for threatining you it will never happen again. Its alright but don't do it again!.           THE END.